Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where oh where has Estelan gone?

Though I have been terribly focused on my Emerald Seer Series, Estelan is never far from my thoughts and I have many, MANY notes for where it is going.  Every once in a while I add some passages and scenes to Echo Rising and I am ready to devote some significant attention to it.  While I had hoped to devote the second half of this year to Estelan, I just couldn't finish the project I was working on and it kep clouding my head.  So, until I can get Storm Sullivan and her posse out of my head, Estelan is a work in progress floating along the periphery, waiting and growing into something bigger with each passing day.  I still believe in Estelan, more than I have believed in anything I've written.  That is the reason it is taking so long.  I want to do my world and my characters justice.  As soon as I have snippets I will be posting them, in the meantime, know that Echo is real and on her way.