Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have been hard at work on my paranormal romances and have to say it has been thrilling!  If you are interested in the Emerald Seer Series, please check my blog at for more on how my first two installments are doing.

Back to Estelan, I am still re-working it and the breaks have been very refreshing.  Every time I look at it with "fresh eyes" I find a new tweak or slightly different spin that makes the story that much better.  I love it, am passionate about my characters and wishing I had just a little more time to write - and less time at my awful job!  Some day, I swear, some day I going to at least cut back to part time work so I can devote more time to writing.

Anyway, I just hopped over here to say Happy Holidays and give an update on how the writing is coming along.  If you get a new Kindle (or if you already own one!) take a chance and download the Emerald Seer Series by Violet Patterson.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still on hiatus

I am actually re-working Estelan still but I am still working the edits for my paranormal romance - Light My Fire/Emerald Seer #2 - so that I can release it before Christmas.  If you are interested in my paranormal romance series, please check out my sister blog that focuses on the Emerald Seer -

As for Estelan, I have stripped out a lot of history and segregated it for a potential stand alone novel.  I am focused on my main characters and looking to expand their experiences, their stories without cutting much away.  I still have the first 50 or so pages of the sequel to Estelan and feel pleased with the general rhythm I have set, my re-working is more of a fill in and expansion as I have been informed that the story is good but needs to be filled out some - if those are the only criticisms I get, I will take them!  For those how know me personally, talking/writing MORE is never a problem! 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Minor setback - well I think it is minor

I participated in NaNoWriMo so I wrote the sequel to my paranormal romance during the month of November which in turn meant a hiatus from Estelan.  Well, it is now December and NaNoWriMo is of course over so I settled down to work on Estelan and found myself feeling disappointed.  Why?  Because I realized just how much re-working is needed.  Let me rewind, I have a completed first draft for Estelan, I have edited twice, passed it out to a few people to read, re-titled it (it was Fall of Ia) and removed a good portion of the initial introduction.  So back to last night, I opened my file and settled in to write once the kids were in bed only to find that I still am not pleased with the beginning of my novel.  In a bit of a panic I skipped ahead a few chapters and started reading another character's POV and felt good about that chapter.  In fact, I felt good about several chapters that I perused beyond that.  I am simply dissatisfied with the intro and I am not sure where to actually begin.  Needless to say, I did not accomplish much more than staring at my laptop screen last night.  Ugh.  I am ready to start fresh today, hoping it will just come to me as so many other things have.  My goal for Estelan is to have a final manuscript ready to send out by February, I have set smaller goals for myself to facilitate the process (with fabulous rewards for each mark I hit!!) in hopes that I will be more successful.  Of course, in conjunction with marketing my paranormal romances, working FT, and being a mom it is going to be somewhat challenging :)  Wish me luck!