Saturday, July 7, 2012

The sequel dilemma - and then some

I like to start a complete series as much as the next person.  Knowing that the end is available and ready to bring closure is an enjoyable experience and I get that.  However, I will not refuse to start a book because I know the rest of the series is not complete - I would never get to read anything from this decade!  So why is it so difficult for others to start an incomplete series and why review a work in a negative manner simple because the series is incomplete?  I guess I just don't understand how some people work.  It's fine if somebody doesn't appreciate what I write - I don't appreciate everything I have read (i.e. Moby Dick) but that is the point of having so many styles and genres, isn't it? 

So I sit here, typing this post and thinking about how I should be writing the sequel to my adult series so that I can put more work into Estelan's sequel since it is calling to me, but I have to get this line of thought out of my head.  Would you rather read a book from an unfinished series and wait for the sequel or have an author push out a less than satisfactory sequel just so you can read it?  For me, the answer is easy.  For others it may not be, I suppose.  Either way, I will be taking my time with ECHO RISING because it is important to me.  I have hundreds of other story ideas floating around in my head that really want my attention but I want to finish the Emerald Seer Series so I can put those characters to rest and then devote a lot of my time to Estelan because my heart is there, amidst the shadows of the Isthilien side and the as yet unnamed (I am still vacillating between three names) sunlit side.  I want to tell their story, to bring them to life and do right by them.  I am sorry for those who have read Estelan and walked away disappointed and dissatisfied because the series is still incomplete but I need to be true to myself, my characters, and my craft. 

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