Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Estelan, where can you be?

I have neglected my blog and the world of Estelan - one of the worst things a writer can do.  While Estelan is always rolling around in the back of my mind, the plights of her people a soft cry in my ear, I have been so occupied with another story and my own personal life that she toils away waiting for me to find time to continue her story.  Fortunately, Estelan like all fantasy worlds is always there for me to pick up and set down as needed.  It is a story of paths that wind and cross, climb and descend, much like life and sometimes that means dealing with personal roadblocks to make better storylines.  This is one of those times.  2012 has not been kind to me in many ways and that means I can do nothing but look forward and keep trudging through.  That means I can look to Estelan as a therapeutic escape over the next year while my characters work out their own issues on paper in a land far from here where I have toiled long enough.

So it comes to this, in order to find my way to Estelan again, to find that place in my mind where she and her people can thrive and their stories unfold, I need to purge myself of the negativity from this year.  It has taken me some time to adopt a way to make this happen but I believe I've got it down.  Each day I will blog about two things, one negative that happened this year so that I may send it onward and upward and one positive thing in my life that keeps me moving forward and focused on the wonders of each day.  By the end of the  year I should be able to expel that negatives as I purge many things from my life in hopes of starting 2013 a lot lighter spiritually and emotionally so that I may do justice to the peoples of Estelan and release Echo Rising this coming year.

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