Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here here for the sequels!

I am alternating nights these days - editing Estelan, writing Echo Rising, and writing Light My Fire. Admittedly I occasionally get into a groove and spend two or three nights in a row on one project, but changing things up has surprisingly given me some continuity that I didn't have before. I am more motivated and making decent progress. I still intend to have Light My Fire out around Christmas and am truly pleased with how it is shaping up. In truth I am even more excited about Echo Rising because it is allowing me to explore some action sequences and really delve into my characters, especially those I am most in love with. I guess that is the point of my title today. I really am enjoying my sequels, they are so darn much fun. But then again, for me writing is just plain fun, otherwise I doubt I would get so giddy when i flip open my laptop or netbook.

Thanks to my "inner circle" of readers and critics, it means the world to me that you have taken the time and put your faith in me.

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