Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Estelan Update

I took a big leap.  Well, for me anyway.  I completed the edits for a 4th draft of Estelan (formerly known as Fall of Ia) and entered into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition.  I have opted to put Estelan out as a YA Fantasy because I think a good portion of the characters lend themselves to the YA genre moreso than the adult fantasy fiction.  It will still round out into an epic fantasy series of 4-5 books.  I am truly pleased with the outcome of Estelan and am hopeful it will be well received.  Unfortunately, the first round is judged on a 300 word or less pitch and that tends to be my downfall.  It is the main reason I opted to self publish my first two books (of the Emerald Seer Series - http://emeraldseer.blogspot.com).  I fail to see how a 300 word or less pitch can encapsulate the depth of an 80,000+ word novel told from multiple points of view.  The feedback I continue to receive is "focus on one character that links them all."  Easier said than done.  Some of the characters never meet each other (i.e. die before interacting with more than sub-characters).  In then end, I opted to go with something more general that I believe conveys the main plotline without giving away any of the plot twists.  I will know if I make the cut on February 24th, if I do not then I will be releasing Estelan as a self-pubbed work.  Until then, I will continue working on Echo Rising (sequel to Estelan) and End of the Night (third in the Emerald Seer Series).

Fingers crossed - Check
Writing cap on - Check
Hopefull - Check

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