Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend breaks are refreshing!

I am so excited to have my wonderful Dad in town this weekend.  We have had a great time and have some more fun planned so I am just stopping in real quick to lay down some lines and get some writing in since I have otherwise taken a break from all of my projects since Friday night.  It feels strange to not be doing much by way of writing but I feel refreshed.  Yesterday we went to see the Lorax (my daughter ADORED it and I have to say it was really good) and had a fabulous dinner at The Rock (pizza with spinach, sauteed garlic cloves, bleu cheese, and sauteed mushrooms with a fabulous chocolate porter beer!) and then relaxed at home for the rest of the evening.  It was delightful and what my "cold" needed apparently.  I am still feeling under the weather (yes, for those of you counting it has been six weeks but my doc apparently believes I am med-seeking - don't get me started - or full of it) but a little better.  Right now my daughter is sitting next to me playing Angry Birds on my Dad's iPad and Dad is getting ready for a foray into Fremont for the Sunday market.  I am rather excited for this and perhaps a side trip to the Fremont Troll.  It should be a fun outing as the sun is making its way out and the temp is rising (to a "balmy" 52 degrees).  Well, I am off again.  Back to work on Estelan tonight!

PS Dad has a rental car and it is a CHARGER.....sweet ride!

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