Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Estelan is off to a slow start

Sadly, I have been quite caught up in the Emerald Seer Series and not given my due diligence to Estelan.  My heart still lies in Estelan, the story I cannot shake.  I have started one too many stories, perhaps and still have a little girl nagging at me to write her story.  I intend to finish my Emerald Seer Novella and the third installment in that series before returning to Estelan.  Echo Rising is under way but I feel the need to pause it until I can return my full attention to Estelan. 

That said, Estelan had a wonderful opening weekend (on freebie promo) and is now on promo for 99 cents for the rest of April.  I regret not being closer to a sequel at this time though it is mapped out and under way. 

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