Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sneakpeek Sunday

Please enjoy this bit from ESTELAN.....

Elnor awoke in a strange place, disoriented and certainly not alone.  He opened his eyes to three strange creatures peering at him with dark, almond eyes.  No taller than his babes at birth with skin the color of oakenwood bark but somehow smoother, shimmering as one of Pallia's gowns in the moonlight.  Their slight frames and pointed noses were overpowered by the thick, earth colored locks curling wildly in every direction.

He is awake.

Certainly he will choose now.

She will want to see him first.

Elnor could hear the voices in his head, three very distinct sounds but higher pitched than a normal man.  “You are very curious, what are you if I may ask?”

What are we?

What are we he says?

What are thee?

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