Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Sneak Peek

My Sunday snippet from ESTELAN.... Elnor and Pallia followed the Mage through a series of corridors, completely bare except for the magically lit torches equally spaced along each hallway. The nameless Mage came to a stop before a pair of dark walnut doors. He bowed and walked off in the opposite direction. Elnor nodded to Pallia, pushed the heavy iron handles before them and allowed the doors to swing inward to expose an atrium. Pallia followed him in and withdrew her hood to get a better look at their surroundings. Cobblestone paths led from several entrances to a basic stone fountain in the center. The rest of the atrium was devoted curtains of hanging vines, several native herbs and florals commonly used in potions. The lofty hexagonal ceiling above was comprised of glass panes allowing a completely unobstructed view of Moon. “Welcome Lord Elnor and Lady Pallia.” A chill ran down Pallia’s spine as the higher than usual pitch reverberated through the atrium. She turned toward the unfamiliar voice and from the shadows emerged Master Ikaine wearing long robes of deep navy intricately embroidered and beaded silver around the belled sleeves and hemline. His eyes seemed to glow as he stepped further into the moonlight. Lord Ikaine’s face was marked by harsh features and a closely cropped gray beard that did little to soften his appearance. A wicked smile broke across his thin blue lips, “Come, we have a new regime to plan.”

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  1. “Come, we have a new regime to plan.”

    Nice line! Thanks for sharing. :)