Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still on hiatus

I am actually re-working Estelan still but I am still working the edits for my paranormal romance - Light My Fire/Emerald Seer #2 - so that I can release it before Christmas.  If you are interested in my paranormal romance series, please check out my sister blog that focuses on the Emerald Seer -

As for Estelan, I have stripped out a lot of history and segregated it for a potential stand alone novel.  I am focused on my main characters and looking to expand their experiences, their stories without cutting much away.  I still have the first 50 or so pages of the sequel to Estelan and feel pleased with the general rhythm I have set, my re-working is more of a fill in and expansion as I have been informed that the story is good but needs to be filled out some - if those are the only criticisms I get, I will take them!  For those how know me personally, talking/writing MORE is never a problem! 


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