Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

A small excerpt from ESTELAN......quite early in the novel.

Crossing through the wooden gate, Pallia noted blooming lilac bushes trimming the pathway to the tidy, white laurelwood home.  Halfway up the walk, Pallia paused, forcing herself to hyperventilate and projecting panic in all directions.  She banged on the heavy door until it gave way suddenly enough that she fell inward.  A pair of strong, rough hands caught her, lifted her as easily as if she’d been a small babe, and carried her into the house.  Overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion, Pallia lost consciousness.


  1. Great description. Why is she forcing herself to hyperventilate? What or who is in seemingly innocent house? Fun snippet.

  2. Interesting snippet! Why is she faking? Or is she? I'd read on!