Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - ESTELAN

ESTELAN snippet....

Shai’s mind wandered back to the dream, grasping at the threads she could recall, pushing the edges of her mind, trying to see something new in it. She stared at the tile work around her altar, purples of every shade, some bearing the mark of Moon Mother, and surrounding the small statuette she offered thrice daily prayers to.   Shai marveled at the beauty of the Moon Mother’s visage in the flickering firelight from her jasmine candles.  The small idol’s porcelain eyes frozen in an upward fashion, her delicate lips curved in a knowing smile, warm and soft as a mother’s should be.  And then it came, hard and fast, Shai tried to react to the aura, to control the vision, but then she was falling – again.  


  1. Love the description and reverence in this snippet. Nice job!