Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sneakpeek Sunday - rough snippet from ECHO RISING

ECHO RISING is the sequel to ESTELAN and is in progress but I thought I'd drop a little snippet from it because I am rather fond of the sequel thus far:

“Show yourself Yandi.”
The voice that met his Master’s command was unlike anything Cord had heard before, melodic and childlike, pleasant but with an edge of contempt. 
“Morden, you lovely creature, I am wounded.  You invade my Wood with that child thing and dare to command me?” 
“Yandi, you knew we were here, you made peace with Lady Kitin.  We are passing through to treat with the Nymphs.  Leave us and we will trouble you no further.”
The response carried through from another angle, and then it seemed to surround them, “You wound me Morden, once we were friends, once something more, why do you bear such hatred toward me?”
“You know the reason.  Leave us be Yandi.  For all the reasons you gave and more.  Leave.”
A strong gale rushed over them and was gone, followed by an eerie laughter that faded into nothing.  Cord looked to Morden, careful to mask his questions.

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  1. Nice bit of dialogue. A hint of a past between these two, and Cord careful not to ask anything despite obviously having questions.