Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

A piece of ESTELAN

Roane turned to his right and regarded Kitin with a nod.  Tyla slept in the saddle in front of Kitin, her head lulling back and forth in rhythm with Dyna’s step.  Kitin held the reigns loosely in her right hand, her arm around the girl.  Roane noted the fingers of her left hand tapped nervously along the sheath of her favorite scabbard.  She looked tired though her violet eyes were alert, flicking about the landscape.   It would have been so easy to get lost in her eyes, his Kitin, whether she was willing to admit it or not.  She felt his gaze and met his eyes briefly, please do not do this now, Ro, I cannot discuss this with you again.
Roane nodded in deference, turning back to Dane who raised an eyebrow, very aware of the embarrassing exchange. Thankfully, Kitin interjected a proper scolding before Dane could unleash an insult.  I am not sure this is the time or place to be discussing our plots and plans. Even if it were I would expect to be included in the conversation.
Aye, I concur with Lady Kitin, brother.  I think it ‘tis quite wise for us to withhold our counsel for a time.  Dane turned to Kitin, seeking her praise even now.  See, I am not just a playmaker, I know reason as well. 
You will not get praise from me for behaving as an adult should.  Though I confess I like this side of you, Dane.  I find you far more tolerable. 
Not all of us can be born with a wit such as yours Lady Kitin. At least I was blessed with stunning looks.   Dane plastered a patronizing grin upon his face and Kitin scowled in response.  Roane sighed; he knew where this exchange was going and for some reason found it unsettling every time.
Oh, aye, Dane the beautiful, that is most certainly how they refer to you and all the women of Isthile just throw themselves at your filthy,hairy feet.
And you my dear Lady Kitin have ever so many suitors. Do you even know what a gown looks like?  Could you fill one if -
Enough!  Dane, lay off Lady Kitin.  We are all weary and it does no good to grow harsh with each other.  Roane nodded to the dozing Tyla meaningfully. The young woman seemed oddly still and he swore her eyes flickered once or twice.  He gave Dane a stern look and turned to Kitin, prepared to apologize but she already urged Dyna forward to catch up with Kriton.  

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  1. Nice snippet. I got a vivid sense of the dynamics at play here.