Sunday, October 16, 2011


It is 11:53 and I know that the kids will be up in about six hours - give or take - while I truly hope they snooze until 7 or so.  Yet here I sit, my facebook checked, my fantasy football teams set (I think!) for tomorrow, twitter re-evaluated, an hour or so of edits on Estelan and a few new pages to its sequel, words with friends updated (and I am sure all of my friends are safely tucked in their beds dreaming of new zingers for me), and I still can't sleep.  I have had an uber-productive day which makes me proud, but my mind will simply not shut down and enter relaxation mode.  How does that happen?  It is the weekend, I am a Mom, I have had a busy day, why does that not add up to sleepiness?  I can't figure it out.  So here I am rambling on in my blog about my complete inability to sleep.  I guess I am hoping that there are several of you out there who can relate to it.  I mean, I don't have a lot of followers (I am not blind) but judging by my stats, unless my followers are cyber-stalking me and checking my page several times a day then othere people are reading - or at least maybe skimming - my blog. 

In re-evaluating things tonight, I have also realized that my blog has lots its focus in a rather large way.  I have only dropped occasional updates on my actual writing and that is in part due to switching books.  I left Estelan to marinate for awhile and entered into the world of Storm Sullivan, whose town remains nameless as it is not particularly crucial to the plot of the romance.  I discovered that I liked the idea of a no-name town that could really be anywhere.  So there you have it.  Along my road to creating Estelan, I took a detour and created not only another manuscript but an entirely different world with entirely (well almost) different characters in an entirely different genre.  It was actually fun and by taking a break I was able to revisit Estelan with fresh eyes and have decided to have another go at it including some reformatting.  Will it be better? I am not sure but it feels right and I wonder if I wasn't just a little to close to it before.  I think I missed some things, some great opportunities that I simply didn't see.  I have a friend who will take credit for some of it - and you know who you are - but in the end, friends can only offer suggestions based on their individual perspective and sometimes with Estelan, as with many things in life, it takes a little time for suggestions to evolve into actual changes.  That said, I have been re-working Estelan, still hopeful to get it off the ground but in the mean time, I am looking to give Storm Sullivan not just a face (thank you Dave Holtz) but a place in the literary world. 

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