Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soapbox moment - bullies suck!

So, it has taken far too long for my kindergartener to have the courage to expose some kids who are bullying him at school. He thought that just because they weren't violent or physical with him that it didn't constitute bullying. He was also scared because they are older kids. What is wrong with kids? I mean fourth graders picking on a kindergartener? Really? Does that make them feel tough?

What kinds if things do they do? Um, told him he looks stupid in his baseball cap, took his hat off his head and tossed it around, picked at his backpack, jumped at him and scared him, and in general mocked him (expressly his name). My daughter witnessed it this week and convinced him to tell me. I am proud of them both but when I asked my daughter if they ever messed with her she said "no, not really." It kind of makes me wonder if they are picking on the kid who won't speak up (my son has a speech delay and my daughter definitely could not be more outspoken). I get kids are mean, I remember, but I don't remember it ever being cool to pick on a kindergartener.

I place a lot of blame with the parents. It is their responsibility to teach their kids about bullying and I wonder if they were bullies themselves. I admit to doing some things I was not proud of back in the day and I definitely learned my lesson. Then I grew up which brought the revelation that bullying sucks and I never want my kids to feel or make others feel scared or humiliated and I have worked very hard to teach them compassion. I really wish that more parents would do so and it saddens me greatly that my kiddo is dealing with this now. One would think that over the last several years every parent would have learned how serious bullying can be.

Okay, I will step off my soapbox now with the idea (and hope) that the parents of these children will find out and have the right discussions with their kids and put an end to the cycle.

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