Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy, busy week!

Okay, so my paranormal romance is more than half way done - including the first sexual encounter! - and I am planning to have it complete by next weekend, if not sooner.  FOOTBALL is back which just makes me smile in general.  My kiddos are back and started school this week which has been amazingly fun and exciting.  AND, I got a new car.  Well, new to me.  It is a used car but I love it just the same.  2003 VW Beetle Convertible.  Texans blue with a black top and low miles.  It is AWESOME!!! Here's hoping I keep driving it and it doesn't putz out on me because I will cry if it does (and I am not a crier for those of you who don't know me well).

This is a super short entry, but I am thinking most can figure out why - who to cheer for this fine Seattle evening??  Packers or Saints????  I am really waiting for Sunday when my Texans take the field against a Manning-less Colts team.

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