Monday, September 5, 2011

Is anybody out there? Does anybody hear me?

Sometimes it is scary to start something new.  I have always been one of those people who dives in first and checks the depth of the water later.  While many things have mellowed since I became a mom, that is one thing that has not changed one iota.  I thrive on that feeling, the mixture of fear and excitement.  It strikes me as odd when people shy away from the unknown while I embrace it.  Then I realize that those people find me odd for jumping in.  Life is like that, right?  Yin and Yang?  I exist because they do, we offset each other in the larger scheme of things, or something like that.  What I want to know is if you believe that?  Do you believe that one approach to life is better than another?  Do you believe that there is a balance between folks to dive in and those who dip a toe in first?  Do you believe in magic?  (I don't know, that just seemed to naturally flow next since that song was the last I listened to on my iPod). 

I wonder a lot.  It is one of my many things.  Call it ADD if you will but it is how I function.  I mostly wonder about people, what motivates them, why so many are mean or self centered or whiny.  Again it dawns on me that there are some who probably think those things of me.  Then I realize how philosophical I sound and it makes me stop asking such questions.  How many of you have I lost with this post? 

I leave this post with one last thought - where are all my followers?  All my family and friends who pledge their support and tout their pride, where are you in relation to my blog?  It is free to join, takes a moment to check in, but your support would mean a lot to a budding career.  Thank you to those of my dearest who have not only voiced their support but follow me regularly.  I know who you are and it means more to me than words can say.  Thank you.

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