Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rants and raves

The local newspaper runs a column of rants and raves which allows my fellow citizens to tear down those mean, heartless, thoughtless neighbors and random strangers as well as compliment those who do something truly amazing, you know what I mean, random acts if kindness. I like the idea so I am piggy-backing and proposing that all those who read this do something similar, either a tweet or a blog post or a FB status update - ESPECIALLY some random acts if kindness. I think we all need reminders that there is still goodness in this world. And please, pay it forward. Something simple could change the whole outlook of a strangers day, who knows what can happen next?? Here are mine:

RANT: to the crazy woman at the grocery store who nearly knocked my five year old son over with her cart, threw an empty box the stocker had just emptied into the shelf he had just stocked so nicely, and then two aisles later almost clipped an elderly lady who fortunately was able to use her cart to regain her balance. Shame in you! My five year old noted that you would receive a "consequence" at school for not waiting your turn.

RAVE: to the extremely kind and caring women in the office at my children's school who always go above and beyond to help parents and children. Thank you for helping me contact the transportation office after being unable to contact them for more than a week!

RAVE: to my friend, Jenn, who gave her breakfast to a homeless person yesterday and for all her random acts of kindness that so often go unnoticed.

I hope to see a wave of these hit the 'net!!!!

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