Thursday, September 1, 2011


Please take a moment to appreciate the return of one of my guilty pleasures - football.  I have missed it terribly and was on the verge of sinking into a depression when this season hung in the balance.  For myself, and many other fans, no football would have left a void in our lives.  In fact, I have coined a new term to refer to the strange melancholy that settles over myself and my fellow football fanatics during the offseason - I call it OSAD (hence the title of this post).  What does it stand for you ask?  Off Season Affective Disorder.  I suppose it could apply to any sport, however, I am a football fan so for me there are no other sports (especially not NASCAR, it is not a sport, it is a skill, not a sport and those of you who are NASCAR fans are going to have to accept it sooner or later.)

Good luck and well wishes to my favorite team - the fabulous and charming Houston Texans - who I hope to meet again someday. 

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