Monday, August 8, 2011

Echo Rising

Finishing up chapter 2 of Echo Rising (#2 in the Estelan series) and what I think will be my favorite of the series. I wonder if it is bad as an author to have a favorite character, one that stands out, one whose entrance into the story has to be absolutely amazing to be worthy of this particular character.  My character is Echo.  I love her and I am very excited to introduce her in the Estelan series. 

On that note, a friend of mine feels that I should make book 2 my book 1 if I feel so strongly about it.  I toyed with the idea but I just cannot justify it.  One of the little things that I set out to do with this series is to create a strong 2nd book.  It is an issue for me that many series have yawners for 2nd books (LOTR, HP, Twilight) - not that they were bad, they were just lesser in the series.  I really loved LOTR and HP - two of my favorite series of all time, but the second books in both were not up to par with the others in my humble opinion.  Anyway, I am up for feedback on this line of reasoning, perhaps I am full of it, but what do you all think, does Chamber of Secrets really stand up to the rest?   Can the Two Towers hold a candle to Fellowship or Return of the King? 

Anyhow, I have been bad about blogging lately, I chalk it up to the move and a lot of writing (oh and working out regularly!  yay me!!!).  Have a great one all, Mondays can be hard!

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