Wednesday, August 3, 2011

still unpacking....does it ever end??

Truly, I wonder if I will ever have everything put away.  I have been hanging art work and clothes, putting away books and pots and pans, hanging shower curtains and rearranging.  UGH.  I love the new place though, I did get to write a bit the last two nights which has been great.  I have the beginning for PEANUT AND MADSOX, I think.  It is very different to write a middle grade book than a fantasy novel.  WOW.  However, it is very fun to pull in bits and pieces of conversations I had with Autumn, I hope she likes it when I am done. 

I am still working with ESTELAN, I love the world, a place I can get lost and find new characters around ever corner.  Book 2 is moving along fairly well, I know where it all is going I just need to fill in and get there!!  Thanks to everyone who has been supportive in this!

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