Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Kids are back in town!

After a few weeks traveling with my parents, my kiddos are back home and I am ecstatic!  I have missed them so much!  They have grown, in many ways, and of course, I now have more material for PEANUT AND MADSOX!  I don't know that they have stopped talking since they got back, but it has been funny.  They have so many great stories and their take on everything is just hilarious.  Of course, they simply do NOT want to go to sleep right now - even though they are absolutely exhausted. 

So, I sit here, ready to work on one of my projects and find myself feeling utterly at peace.  I can hear their little voices upstairs, chatting about their new room (and bunk beds) and even debating whose bunk is better.  The pauses between words are growing longer and the enunciation is slipping as well.  It will not be long until blissful dreams fill their heads. 

The joy of being a mother, I don't know anything like it!

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  1. They are at a lovely age. It's nice when they're older too, but I do miss stories and birthday cakes and dress-up....