Monday, August 22, 2011

Is it a good idea to blog when you are sleep deprived?

I am not sure.  I was in Ohio over the weekend for my fantasy football drafts and to drop the kids off for two weeks with their grandparents.  The weekend was full of ups and downs.  It unfortunately ended on a down when my flight got changed and delayed and changed and then delayed again.  I didn't get in bed until around 1:30 am and definitely made it up at 5 and to work by 6am.  Wow, I am exhausted and perhaps jet-lagged.  However, I am here.  And sadly, I have missed my blog - and my writing.  While I transported my netbook back and forth I did not get to write at all - thanks to a red eye, a busy weekend, and then a very discourteous set of travelers who made me feel even more claustrophobic than I already do on an airplane.  I sit here now, more than 12 hours after rising from a very brief sleep stint, thinking about how I really, REALLY should hit the gym seeing as how I am kid and dog free, but cannot possibly muster the least bit of energy to walk across the street to the fitness center.  Wow, that is sad.  Does it balance out if I don't have the energy to prepare food either?  I mean, I could just call it a night and head to bed, right?  But see, that doesn't really work either, right?  The likelihood of waking around 3am is too high if I go to bed now.  I am wondering if this pseudo-stream-of-conscience thing I have going on right now is working for me or not.  Hm.  Oh well, either way I am putting this up and hoping that somebody gets what I am saying or that somebody else tells me I need to go to bed....ha ha.  bed.   Ah.  soft violet sheets, fluffy pillows and an extremely soft purple blanket...oh how nice that sounds, wait, am I?  Yes, I am slightly slack-jawed with drool building in the corner of my mouth.  EEK, that makes me somewhat pathetic.  Probably more than somewhat.  Egad.  Have I mentioned that when sleep deprived I tend to overshare?  Half of the time I go so far as to overshare embarrassing and/or inappropriate information to avoid oversharing a current personal truth that somehow I would find more traumatic somehow.  Hm.  Goodness.  Yes, perhaps bed is a good plan.....

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