Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When life gives you lemons....

Slice them up, grab the salt, and start shooting works, sort of.  I am using beer today, it goes better with the slice of pizza I just forced down because my friend Jenn said it is not good to work out and not eat.  Be proud of me Jenn, I ate.  It has been one of those days where I would yell about the sky falling if I were a chicken.  Still, I am ready to write, heading that way now with a beer in hand.  Plan to move out to the deck and enjoy the last rays of sun as I tap out a few more pages of ECHO RISING. 

Today would have been a great day to get a partial request or something from an agent, would have made the world make sense again.  Alas, no go.  I am giving my Estelan series one more year and then I give in and switch to trashy romance novels for a bit - which will make a few of my coworker/editors quite pleased.  I have some great ideas for romance novels but my heart is not in them as much as it is in Estelan.  I am hoping for a sign, something to show I am on the right road with it.

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  1. It just so happens I have a TON of lemons! No really, I actually do, the roundish, predominantly yellow kind :)