Saturday, June 18, 2011

An excerpt from Fall of Ia

This is just a little teaser to give a taste of some of the Moon characters....any feedback is appreciated!

Pallia’s bandaged feet throbbed as she was led down the eldenwood stairs of the head councilman’s cottage.  Her eyes adjusted to the candlelit hearthroom and were drawn to the large obsidian hearth.  She glanced about, taking in her surroundings, avoiding the watchful eyes.  Pallia was seated on violet velvet cushions and sipping on jasmine tea while the others settled in various seats around her.  The room was simply decorated aside from the extravagant hearth.  Heavy woolen draperies covered the large windows, their indigo hue brightened by the violet firelight.  Pallia noticed various pelts hung upon the walls and a small simple altar in the corner with an etching of a young maiden illuminated by a jasmine candle.  There were some toys scattered about a small playpen in another corner and Pallia felt a pang in her chest. 
A throat cleared to her left and Pallia could avoid the situation no longer.  She raised her eyes to the nearest Council member, Krester, her host, taller and broader than the others.  He bowed low, returned to the mantle and prodded the logs with a cast iron poker.  Kitin followed, a spindly, sprite-looking female with eyes as blue as mooncups and snow white hair that was braided tightly in an elaborate pattern.  She was dressed in the manner of a warrior, a mirin-hide corset as colorless as her hair and trimmed in the same blue as her eyes.  A deep indigo tunic, leggings, gloves, and matching boots covered the rest of her.  Scythe-knives were slung at her hips and the intricate ivorn handle of a battle sword was just visible over her shoulder.  Kitin sat stiffly upon a stool and folded her arms across her chest. 
The Twins, Dane and Roane, matched in every way from the pewter braids upon
Beyond the twins were Isla and Jerin, the eldest of the Council, and oldest mated couple in Isthile.   Pallia received Isla first, a natural beauty with indigo eyes a stunning contrast against her pale ivory skin, marred only by the emergence of fine wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and lips.  Isla's emerald satin gown licked the bottom of her proud chin and followed every curve to her knee where it flared softly and trailed out behind her.  Pallia was awed at the grace with which Isla moved, how her silver hair swung freely across her back and glistened in the firelight.  At Isla's elbow, Jerin was slightly taller but otherwise colored, dressed, and built like his mate with the same austere presentation.  Fitted emerald tunic upon matching leggings and dark olive boots to his knee, a broadsword was slung at his hip though Pallia supposed Jerin would never find need to wield it; Jerin's shield spell was well known in Isthile.
Elnor approached the Priestess next, nearly as tall as Krester but more wiry, clean shaven, hair cut just above his shoulder and eyes that flashed silver.  His tunic was of gray satin with a jeweled collar and mirin-skinned leggings.  Elnor took her hand, pressed his cool lips to the tips of her fingers and nodded tightly.  His mouth opened as the cottage door flew inward against the wall and sent a small quake through the room.
In strode the largest creature Pallia had ever imagined.  He – it? – ducked beneath the archway and into the hearthroom, easily towering over Elnor and Krester.  The stranger was wider than both men together with onyx-colored hair curling wildly about his head and face, a ragged beard nearly hid his mouth, and he wore tattered clothing of various hides haphazardly stitched with mirin-hair.  His eyes were strange and wild, flashing silver then onyx as he turned his head to face each Council member in turn.
“Whas da’ meanin’ o’ dis?  Why di' ‘ur yun ‘un wake me wit nonsense o’ a Priestess fled da Temple ‘n’ why’d ya’ think I’d care a lick?”
~ Estelan Series, Book 1, Fall of Ia

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