Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still working at it

I still have not heard anything about my query letter (for those who have asked!) but it has not even been a week.  I am prepared for a long process!  I actually went back and re-read the query letter and I hate it - so, back to the drawing board anyway!  I think that the query letter has been more complicated than writing the 80,000+ page book! 

On a totally unrelated note, my daughter finished Kindergarten today and her grade card (I don't recall having a grade card in Kindergarten, but her whole experience has been different than I remember) is wonderful!  My kiddo is reading well above her grade level with test scores to match.  I am so very proud of her.  So today's post is in honor of my Peanut ~

Autumn:  "Mommy, when you are done with your book, I mean really done with pictures and everything, I will take it to my school and read it to my class."

Me: "Well Peanut, I do not really think that your class is ready for my book.  Besides, there are not really going to be pictures in my book."

Autumn: "Well Mommy, I don't think many kids will like it so I don't know who you are going to sell it to."

Me: "Peanut, I am not writing the book for kids.  Big people do not have to have pictures in their books."

Autumn: "Mommy, I think you are making a big mistake.  Big people work and do not have time to read but kids are on summer vacation and have a lot of time to read.  You need to be smart about this Mommy."

Me: "Thank you Peanut, I will consider what you said."

Autumn: "Good Mommy because you need to make a lot of money on this so we can go to Harry Potter World."

Me: "I will see what I can do Peanut."

I am just proud that I was able to keep a straight face.  She was so very serious.


  1. I wish I would have been there to hear that conversation. It is hard to argue with the thought process of a child. Yoda knew what he was talking about. As for your book, it will happen. It is good. You just have to do something that I struggle with on a daily basis......be patient.

  2. That last comment was from me.....still trying to figure this thing out. Apparently google has been having problems with internet explorer lately.