Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving into deeper waters

I just sent 3 more query letters, or more aptly, emails.  I am somewhat anxious but certainly excited and hopeful.  It was a very rough day at work and I was only there for 4.5 hours - how is that for a bad day?  Needless to say, I more than understand I am not meant to sit in an office all day listening to complaints and trudging through minutia with no chance for creative expressions.  Fortunately, it jumpstarted me to put more effort into all aspects of this journey so here I sit, wondering if I should shoot out one or two more tonight for good measure or simply sit on this four and see what happens.....decisions, decisions.  Nah, I think I will go read my novel and see if I can nitpick it a little more. 

P.S. could be the worst site for people new to the writing world!

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