Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous wine and a bit of cheese

Just moments away from a bit of well deserved relaxation.  Thank you Pasek for yor glorious wines, I long to visit your winery and do some tastings....within the next month I will certainly be there!  It has been a long week and proves to be worse next week - we are moving to a new place, ugh - needless to say, I am going to relish my time tonight, and the next two days. 

I have been productive though, two query letters out (with a different format!) and a little more editing/tweaking.  I admit to a crisis of faith in Estelan last night, another rejection and frustration over my query letter left me feeling flustered.  It was not a great feeling.  I re-read my manuscript today, well parts of it, and I regained hope, and faith in it.  I intend to proceed with book 2 in the Estelan series, titled ECHO RISING, and if it comes down to it, there is always the self-pub option.  I really just want to see it/them in print, even if it is just on my own personal bookshelf. 

My moments are up, I am off to uncork a bottle and cut up some scrumptious cheese.  Cheers!

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