Monday, July 4, 2011

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters...

One of my absolute favorite Elton John songs - made semi-famous by Almost Famous, which happens to be one of my favorite movies.  Funny story about Almost Famous, when it was released I was working at a video store and I saw the previews/trailers for it more than my fair share of times so I vehemently opposed watching it.  However, since it was a terribly popular my boss insisted that I view the film so that I could provide "educated feedback to our customers" - do not get me started on the idiocy of that statement.  Regardless, I watched said film and was absolutely enchanted.  I saw myself in William, longed to be as lusted after as Penny Lane, and envied the immeasurable talent and swagger of Russell Hammond.  I returned to work educated on the cinema-worthiness of Almost Famous and proceeded to sing its praises to anyone who inquired.  My coworkers recalled my opposition and quickly called my bluff - only to find that they too were mislead by the ridiculous previews/trailers that had been forcefed to us through store monitors.  I do have a point in this, I promise!  While my query letters and first few chapters may not be the best example of what I can do, my manuscript is worth something.  It will surprise you if given a chance.  Here's to all the agents and publishers out there - and any naysayers, I know a few for sure - the packaging is not always the best indicator of a stellar piece of work.  Almost Famous, in my top ten movies of all time, and that is saying something when the films ahead of it include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, V for Vendetta, and Breakfast at Tiffany's.  I hope you all take a chance to check out some of what I am doing, you won't be disappointed.

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