Friday, July 8, 2011


Wow, what a varied world we live in!  Nothing reminds me more than the feedback I receive on things I post on forums - too long, too short, too much description, too little description, even the names of my characters (and I really like the names of my main characters!).  It is almost more difficult to figure out which way to go when people offer completely opposite responses.  This is my first attempt at this and I am truly just sticking my toe into this industry so working a query letter is daunting at best, and of course, me being as I am, chose to write a manuscript from multiple points of view.  I wonder sometimes if I should shelve this again and try something less involved and ride that out for a bit, as my jumping in piece.  There are a hundred ideas running through my head as I type this....but am I just procrastinating or is it a good idea???  Any responses/insight are welcome!!

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