Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When I feel like writing....

which is pretty much all the time, I pull out my awesome new netbook and tap some things out, or I whip out the journal in the nightstand next to my bed, or if I am desperate I will tap a note in my phone or iPod.  I write every day now, and have been for months, like I opened the flood gates and all of the stories that floated about my imagination for so long are now pouring out.  The hardest part is the new material - and I get a lot of it! - from my kids to my "real job" to my relationships to the dreams that wake me some nights.  Where do I incorporate those when I have so many threads weaving already??  It is hard to turn something off once you turn it on, but in this case, I don't believe I want to - one of these ideas is bound to hit, right?  No way was I given this ridiculous imagination for nothing??

I sent out to more queries today.  I am not 100% positive that my manuscript is 100%, but I am pretty solid in it and I feel the urge to push it....maybe I will get a bite for more and it will drive me that much further, maybe I won't and that will spur me to make some more changes - either way I want to move this book forward, Estelan is in my dreams more nights than not and I need to get it out!

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  1. Awesome! In my experience, I don't always have that desperation to write, so definitely take advantage of it when you do!