Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feeling frustrated....

I really don't want to pay a professional editor to edit my manuscript.  That said, I have been seeking feedback and it has come in bits and pieces - very slowly.  When I like something or agree that a change would make it a little tighter, I absolutely make the corrections, however, I don't always do so for various reasons.  I cannot spell everything out in the first 6 chapters or it would not be very exciting, would it?  I also cannot account for limitations on various websites (i.e. does not allow use of italics or underlining or bold type, etc and part of my dialogue is done telepathically so where I would normally have it italicized it is not).  Consequently, I have been "knocked" on ratings because people couldn't get past that.  Really?  I would never knock a fellow writer for something like that. 

I also have been working on the forums and I find that some of those members are utterly useless - and rude - giving poor feedback to newbies and it makes me sad because I have seen some excellent work get annihilated by one or two people who I can only presume are jealous or complete morons.  When I see "hero member" beneath their name I wonder if they earned that by trashing real talent??? 

That said - and yes I am ranting - I am starting to wonder if I would be best off self publishing for now.  Thoughts???


  1. Have you tried seeking out a critique partner (whether in person or online)? I swear it can be like dating trying to find one, but I find the most valuable critiques I've had are from people I've gotten to know and trust through sharing our work. They challenge and encourage me at the same time (rather than tear me down or get caught up on the little stuff).

  2. I'm very surprised that you found rude and inconsiderate people on Patrick's Query Tracker. I've posted endless tidbits and most who replied did so with honest opinions.

    Have you tried other writer's forums? Check my blog and, on the right hand side towards the bottom are links to the various forums I visit on a regular basis.

    And, if someone on QueryTracker is being excessively rude, report it to Patrick. I'm certain he won't tolerate it.

  3. Trace,

    I feel your pain! It's probably not a great deal of help to you, but just so you know, I love hearing other people's rants! :) We need to vent. Good luck with the move. Good luck with your writing. I am following you now and hope you will check in on me too.